Project Board Key Messages – July 2020

Posted: 13-07-2020

Each month our Notts NHS App – Personal Health and Care Record Programme Board meet to discuss progress of the project. After each board meeting key messages are provided to members and stakeholders. As the project progresses, the key messages will be released here too.


NHS App and Patients Know Best

We’re pleased to report Nottingham and Nottinghamshire’s Integrated Care System has over 45,000 patients registered with the NHS App, an increase of 4000 since June 2020. Our region still remains to have the highest percentage of the population whom have downloaded and registered for the App.


New features to ease managing messages from patients into practice are now live for primary care. The Archive and Assign feature has been designed to improve the messaging workflow from patients using the NHS App or PKB.


Patients and our workforce are welcome to ask questions about the NHS App, Patients Know Best or what support is available to help people to get online or access online services through our generic email Our website for the Notts NHS App – Personal Health and Care Record continues to be populated with new material to support our population and healthcare professionals –


Primary Care

Seventy nine GP Practices are now live with Patients Know Best functionality and we continue to engage with the remaining forty nine surgeries. Current functionality provides patients with the ability to; see their healthcare record, manage appointment and order prescriptions, access tailored resources through the library, securely message their GP, add their own information like clinical documentation and connect wearable devices to track their health.


We’re working with a number of GP Practices to implement Long Term Condition templates to reduce the need for follow up or unnecessary appointments. Saxon Cross Surgery and The Forest Practice are trialling an Asthma template for upcoming review patients.


Acute Trusts

Following the successful and continued use of Patients Know Best within Critical Care, Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (SFHFT) are beginning to look into the use of letters and electronic correspondents for outpatient clinics.  


Requirement gathering with Nottingham University Hospitals, DrDoctor and Patients Know Best is taking place, the aim is to integrate DrDoctor into the Patients Know Best system to allow seamless interaction for patients.


Other Organisations

Work is beginning to progress with Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust around the implementation of Patients Know Best within the Trust. To date they were most interested in the library features and how they could integrate Recap.


Nottingham and Nottinghamshire’s team of Social Prescribing Link Workers are now live using Patients Know Best for rolling out support plans with their patients.


The PFDS Project Team are working with Primary Integrated Care Services (PICS) to expand Patients Know Best functionality. Their Pain Management service have been provided a demonstration of the NHS App and PKB system and they’re excited to support patients to get more control of their health and care.


Nottingham City Council are exploring the use of Patients Know Best to support homeless people and CityCare interested in using it to support their patients with Musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions.


The PFDS/ PKB roadmap has been updated and is being used to work with our other care providers to understand how PKB can support their business requirements.


Care Homes – Medic Spot

Great strides are being made with the Medicspot consultations proof of concept project to support Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Care Homes. Video consultations using the system have been increasing and positive feedback is being received. So much so, Lark Hill Retirement Village in Nottingham has been interested in installing the facility in their other homes across the country.


However, key lessons have been learnt following some connection issues with Baily House Care Home. This was quickly rectified through the provision of Google Chromebooks and 4G dongles to enable connection between the hardware supplied by Medicspot.


Digital and Social Inclusion

One of this biggest barriers to people accessing the internet and equipment is affordability. Being able to afford the tools to access online digital services can be a real challenge for those who are unemployed, on a low income or are retired. To address this Get Nottinghamshire Connected has begun piloting it’s Tablet Lending Scheme. The scheme allows local community groups to borrow iPads so they can discover the positive changes that can be made to their lives through being online. Eastwood’s Breathe Easy Group has been the first to test out this innovative project, with two of its members borrowing devices. To find out more visit


Get Nottinghamshire Connected’ dedicated support line and contact email is still available for patients to access if they need a hand with technology, registering for the NHS App or connecting with family, friends and support networks online: 0115 883 8873,


How do I find out more?

If you would like to find out more about the PFDS or Digital Inclusion Project, please send your questions/queries to:



Digital and Social Inclusion:



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