Project Board Key Messages – May 2020

Posted: 08-05-2020

Each month our Notts NHS App – Personal Health and Care Record Programme Board meet to discuss progress of the project. After each board meeting key messages are provided to members and stakeholders. As the project progresses, the key messages will be released here too.



Our Integrated Care System continues to have the best % of the population registered for the NHS App in the country; we now have over 37.5k patients registered to use the NHS App – a big thank you to everyone involved in encouraging people to sign up and utilise these online services. A special thanks to Dr Nicole Atkinson, GP and Clinical Lead for our Integrated Care System (ICS) and Teresa Burgoyne, Patient Representative from Nottingham’s Breathe Easy Group who have both been instrumental in championing the NHS App locally.


We’re thrilled to share that the NHS App and PKB are now integrated, PKB are the first personal health record (PHR) to integrate with the national App. As the first region in the county to be providing this service to its population, it’s an huge step forward in delivering our offer of digital services. Patients registered at PKB live practices are able to access their record via the NHS App for messaging, consultations, library (information resources) and appointment functions. Care plans will also be available soon.


From June, there will be single sign on for NHS App and PKB users, simplifying the registration process for patients to claim their PKB account.


You can read more about this 'all in one' integration with the NHS App and Login here


Patients Know Best (PKB)

Our website for the PFDS Project is regularly being updated and contains a lot of new material to support our population and healthcare professionals – This includes information about the NHS App and PKB, plus, useful resources which can be used such as patient leaflets and videos. We are encouraging all organisations to signpost patients and staff to the website for information. Patients and our workforce are welcome to ask questions about the NHS App, PKB or what support is available to help people to get online or access online services through our generic email


Substantial work is being undertaken to enable data flows between PKB and clinical systems, meaning that information from PKB will not have to be copied and pasted into clinical systems in the future. This has been a significant issue in primary care and will be a major benefit to our GP practices.


Primary Care

The central mandate for GP practices to have enabled total digital triage has accelerated our rollout of PKB in Primary care. As of Thursday 7th May, 37 practices are live and we hope to have remaining practices live by the end of May 2020. Thank you to the incredible support we have had from staff at NHIS and the CCG.

We are working very hard to support practices and have additional project management and training resources available. We are offering to undertake as much of the technical enablement for them as possible in order to minimise the work and effort Practices need to do. We are learning as we go along and are constantly refining our processes to become as agile as possible. In particular we have created a set of generic communication templates for practices to use to inform patients about the implementation of PKB and explaining the various messages they may receive inviting them to register. This is in addition to signposting them to the wealth of resources on our website which includes ‘how to’ guides, patient leaflets and a soon to be published new section ‘emails I may receive’. The latter is in response to some practices receiving patient queries asking if registration emails are legitimate.


Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (SFHFT)

PKB is now live at SFHFT and is being used in the critical care Covid-19 wards to help staff keep carers and relatives updated on their care. Relatives and carers are invited to use PKB so SFHFT can communicate remotely with carers and relatives during this time when they are unable to visit. Asked Alex for more detail re numbers and feedback will provide after 1pm.


At the end of April SFHFT went live with one outpatient service to enable remote consultation via video using Attend Anywhere in order to reduce the number of face to face appointments and ensure continuity of care to their patients. Three other outpatient services are going live at the beginning of May. It is anticipated by the end of May remote consultations will be used through PKB. The Trust’s Therapy services are looking to use video consultations via PKB to carry out remote home visits with patient’s carers to help in preparations for discharge, additionally the stoke services are keen to utilise the platform to enable remote diagnosis and management of stroke patients.


Nottingham University Hospitals (NUH)

In order to support the Trust during the Covid-19, some innovative work has been done in a very short space of time to enable patients swab results to be automatically updated in Nerve Centre (electronic patient record), enabling alerts and information about when a patient can be de-isolated.


Video consultations have been integrated into the clinical system and will soon be used for scheduled clinics as well as pre appointment questionnaires via DrDoctor.


NUH are looking into how PKB and DrDoctor can be used together in areas like Optometry.


Other Organisations

We are continuing to work with our other care providers to understand their immediate requirements and are constantly developing our digital care plans.


Post Covid-19

We are keen to ensure that the great work and swift progress made to support our system in response to Covid-19 is sustained and we can build on it in the future. Much has been learned along the way and many new ways of working have been implemented at significant pace. We will undertake a stocktake and lessons learned exercise with partners to build on success and identify any changes we need to make to our processes.


Digital and Social Inclusion

Our Digital and Social Inclusion project – Get Nottinghamshire Connected offers a dedicated support line via 0115 883 8873 and contact email to help people across the city and county with digital skills.


This support includes help for those struggling to get online, needing some help with using particular applications, want to get started on the NHS App, ways for keeping in touch with friends and relatives or access to free training. We have created ‘how to’ resources for keeping safe online and in keeping in contact with friends and family for those who want to start using technology, and get connected.           

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