Project Board Key Messages – September 2020

Posted: 04-09-2020

Each month our Notts NHS App – Personal Health and Care Record Programme Board meet to discuss progress of the project. After each board meeting key messages are provided to members and stakeholders. As the project progresses, the key messages will be released here too.


NHS App and Patients Know Best

A Nottingham and Nottinghamshire wide text message campaign is underway to remind and encourage our population about downloading the NHS App and how it can support them particularly during the forthcoming Flu season.


PFDS Board members discussed the difficulty in explaining PFDS and how the NHS App and Patients Knows Best (PKB) fit in to both staff and the public. This is going to be addressed by the newly established Communication and Engagement Focus Group and Patient Advisory Group. We will provide an update next month on progress.


Unfortunately we are unable to report on the latest NHS App download figures this month as there are some technical issues being experienced with NHS Digital reporting.


18,072 patients across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire ICS have now claimed their PKB record, this is an increase of 1,873 since last month (August 2020).


Patients and our workforce can now ask questions about the NHS App, PKB and get other support to help people to get online or access online services through our generic email Our website for the Notts NHS App – Personal Health and Care Record continues to be populated with new material to support our population and healthcare professionals –


Primary Care

87 GP Practices are now live with PKB functionality and we are offering support to the remaining practices.


We acknowledge that we need to do more to support practices to increase usage, which includes celebrating some good news stories of how patients are using PKB:


  • Patient saw a locum and wanted a copy of his MRI report which was discussed in consultation. This was sent via PKB securely.
  • Patient wanted some advice regarding a mole on back. Photo via PKB, admin uploaded photo to patient record and tasked GP, GP reviewed details and sent response back via PKB.
  • Various questions sent in regarding medication queries e.g. not had a med for several years and wanted to restart
  • Following consultations GP wanted to get information/advice to patient – forwarded using PKB


Acute Trusts

Sherwood Forest Hospitals will start sending electronic correspondence for outpatient appointments through PKB very soon, the Trust is also identifying its roadmap for other PKB use.


Nottingham University Hospitals have been progressing their requirements for the use of PKB both internally and with other partners.


Other Organisations

Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust have held an internal workshop to look at their requirements and are planning some wider clinical engagement.


CityCare are looking at how PKB can support their Musculoskeletal service.


Primary Integrated Care Services (PICS) are looking at how PKB can be utilised to support their Pain Management Service.


Beechdale Care Home will start using PKB with Aspley Medical Centre this month  for remote monitoring and shared care plans.


We expect to have a detailed roadmap of implementations across the system to include in next month’s key messages.


Care Homes – Medicspot

The Medicspot proof of concept project, enabling GPs to provide remote access video consultations combined with a set of vital signs medical devices to inform a plan of care with individual care home residents is no live in five Care Home settings.  Feedback received:


Aspley Medical Centre GP (Dr Harte) used it for the first time with patients as part of his weekly ‘virtual round’ last week


“Our first virtual ward round using Medicspot went really well.  Sound and video quality was excellent, better than the traditional phone call we were doing. We were able to discuss several patients I was able to examine a patient remotely which worked and video consult with them. So all good – looking forward to doing it again this Friday.”


Clifton Medical Practice are hosting 2-3 Medicspot appointments each week.  The practice manager has said:


  “The feedback I am getting from the doctors is that it is being used and saves visits”


To ensure the equipment is used to full capacity, we are going to ask the care homes nursing service if it they would like to use it.


Digital and Social Inclusion

Participants who trialled our tablet lending scheme from Eastwood’s Breathe Easy Group have now concluded their months loan period. Members really enjoyed their time using the iPads to access the Breathe Easy support network zoom calls and learn new digitals skills. Case Studies of the participants experiences will be shared more widely in the coming months.


We’re now looking for other local community groups who are interested in making positive changes within their network and want to borrow iPads. If you’re interested or want to find out more, visit or contact for more information.


Exciting work is underway to improve our Digital and Social Inclusion projects sustainability. We’re working with Community and Voluntary Sectors Organisations on a CVS collaboration scheme, by offering grants to local CVS Organisations across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire who are keen to discover new ways of working and want pilot an approach to embedding digital into the great work they’re already doing.


Get Nottinghamshire Connected’ dedicated support line and contact email is still available for patients to access if they need a hand with technology, registering for the NHS App or connecting with family, friends and support networks online: 0115 883 8873,


Communication and Engagement

To ensure all opportunities to communicate and engage with internal staff and members of the public are covered, we have begun to establish a Communications and Engagement Focus Group consisting of experts within partner organisations. The first meeting will be held this month.


Our Patent Advisory Group has now been established and has its first meeting this month.


How do I find out more?

If you would like to find out more about the PFDS or Digital Inclusion Project, please send your questions/queries to:



Digital and Social Inclusion:



We would appreciate some feedback on the usefulness of these monthly key messages.  Please let us have your thoughts.

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