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Project Board Key Messages, August 2021

Posted: 11-08-2021

Each month our Notts NHS App- Personal Health and Care Record Programme Board meet to discuss the progress of the project. After each board meeting key messages are provided to members and stakeholders. As the project progresses, the key messages will be released here too.


Key messages from the August 2021 Public Facing Digital Services (PFDS) Programme Board


Our Stats 

  • 199,308 have registered for the NHS App, completing the proven identity process. 
  • 72,710 (6%) of our citizens have registered for a PKB record (as of 31/07/2021).
  • During July 2021, patients sent 746 messages via PKB to practices.
  • 3,541 digital appointment letters were read before print date in July 2021, meaning that this has saved SFHFT from posting 3,541 letters during July 2021.
  • 16,588 repeat prescriptions were ordered via the NHS App during July 2021.




  • Our Public Facing Digital Services Strategy has been signed off from by the Data, Analytics, Information and Technology Board (DAIT).   A detailed implementation plan will be presented to Oct PFDS Board meeting. 


  • PFDS Board agreed to prioritise the implementation of viewing results (laboratory and radiology) ICS wide.  This will be a clinically led project and a task and finish group will be established to oversee implementation.


  • PLEASE can you continue to encourage patients, colleagues, family and friends to download the NHS App and register for PKB.  Support can be found here.


Primary Care & Social Care


  • Our exemplar sites are making progress and we have action plans in place with all four of them. We are working to create processes which integrate into their current ways of working to make it easier for them to embed the use of the Notts NHS App at these practices.
  • 2 further GP practices have undertaken bulk uploads which means we now have 78 practices using PKB.
  • 1 Care Home is LIVE with PKB Affiliation, both professionals and carers can utilise the functionalise available in Phase 1 of the project. Furthermore, there is 1 definite and 1 potential Care Home about to go LIVE in the upcoming months, and a major stakeholder in engagement stages of the programme to further onboard 6 more Care/Nursing Homes within the Nottinghamshire area.

Secondary Care/ Acute

  • The appointments feed into PKB  from SFHFT is now live which means patients who have a PKB account will see their appointments and link to Attend Anywhere in their PKB schedule
  • SFHFT Paediatric Epilepsy service are starting to on board patients.  The team will be using PKB for their paediatric patients who are suffering with seizures to be able to communicate with their parent/guardian during this time. This will be done by sending seizure videos via PKB for the team to review and enabling them to signpost the parent/guardian to useful information, either via secure messaging or the library.  Treatment plans will be provided in PKB giving all the information the patient and their parents/carer needs for various drugs, capturing seizure type measurements and a seizure description chart.
  • Process mapping and solution design advancing for SFH Pre-Op Assessments.
  • Digital Letters phase two – engagement with Radiology service who are going live with hybrid mail service. Planning to commence shortly for digitising letters.
  • A proposal for sending patient discharge letters to PKB is with SFHFT
  • A proposal for  a Midwifery Pilot is with Maternity Governance
  • SFHFT PMO are engaged to support implementation of existing projects and scale up delivery.


Technology Enabled Care 


  • Three additional care home/GP practice partnerships ready to go live with Arc Health remote consultations. Install and training 100% complete. Go Live during August.
  • Further engagement with 3 new GP practices for use of Arc Health with Care Homes; interest in the remote consultation functionality is definitely increasing. 
  • Introductory discussions with Newark PCN Care Home clinical lead progressing to discuss options for Arc Health and Respiratory TEC proof of concepts.
  • Notts HCT also interested in Arc Health remote monitoring options for Lings Bar Hospital; initial planning in progress.
  • Review of MyCOPD app utilisation in progress. Planning in place with CityCare to engage with new patient cohort (small number) in September.
  • Introductory meeting with LA Adult Social Care teams and Notts HC trust to discuss TEC options to support remote monitoring@home
  • BP@home project discussions in progress to consider use of Flo and/or PKB to support this work.
  • Recent resource challenges in Care Homes, with GPs and supplier due to self-isolations has limited the progress on project go lives – hopefully this a short-term issue.


Digital and Social Inclusion


  • Get Nottinghamshire Connected’s FREE workforce development packages are seeing an increasingly high uptake of individuals wishing to enrol. If you would like further information on any of these courses contact Rosie Atkin – Project Implementation Manager – The courses on offer are;
  • Digital Champion Training
  • BCS Level 2 Certificate in IT User Skills (ECDL Extra) (ITQ)
  • Principles of Customer Service
  • Four CVS organisations; Mansfield Community and Voluntary Service, Eastwood People's Initiative, Belong Nottingham and the Carers Federation are now a part of the CVS Collaboration scheme and are either starting to develop or running their own delivery models.


Health literacy and insights work

  • We’re moving forward into phase two with Healthwave and working on several concepts;
    • NHS App to PKB conversion rates
    • Resource page for the ‘Digital Carers’ concept
    • Usability testing with areas rolling out PKB
    • Enhancing the online digital inclusion score to feed exclusion results on ICS/ ICP area level by building a useful picture of digital inclusion activity that is happening acorss the ICS and areas that need more attention.
  • Healthwatch have drafted the report and recommendations from the QOTM survey rerun. We are continuing to work with them through focus group sessions with groups identified needing more support with accessing digital health and care services.
  • Risk raised around resource to man the Digital Support Line, further analysis being carried out to understand query types and a plan will be pulled together to identify next steps.


Communication and Engagement


Patient Advisory Group 


Due to Patient Advisory Group members’ annual leave and other commitments, the August Patient Advisory Group meeting was cancelled. 

The group has now been established for approaching 12 months and is proving to be a very helpful, supportive, and at times challenging, sounding board.   It is now an appropriate time to review the Patient Advisory Group’s Terms of Reference, aligning with the recently approved PFDS refreshed strategy and in readiness for 2021-22 implementation work and extended use of digital technology to support patient health and care.

If anyone is interested in joining the Patient Advisory Group and would like more information, please contact Jane Scarborough – Project and Business Change Manager (Technology Enabled Care):


How do I find out more?

If you would like to find out more about the PFDS or Digital Inclusion Project, please send your questions/queries to:



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