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Project Board Key Messages, February 2021

Posted: 09-02-2021

Each month our Notts NHS App – Personal Health and Care Record Programme Board meet to discuss progress of the project. After each board meeting key messages are provided to members and stakeholders. As the project progresses, the key messages will be released here too.


Key messages from the February Public Facing Digital Services (PFDS) Programme Board

Our Stats                                                                              

  • 67,351 have registered for the NHS App, completing the proven identity process. 
  • 84,729 (7.59%)of our citizens have downloaded the NHS App.  
  • We consistently have the highest % of patients registered for the NHS App in the Country.
  • 36,916 (3%) of our citizens have registered for a PKB record (as of 28/1/2021).
  • During January 2021, patients sent 880 messages via PKB to practices.
  • 1,693 digital appointment letters were read before print date in Jan 2021, meaning that this has saved SFHFT from posting 1,693 letters during January 2021.
  • 9,554 repeat prescriptions were ordered via the NHS App during January 2021.



  • We now have a Implementation Roadmap up until October 2021 that has been approved by Board.
  • Board have approved a piece of work whereby Connected Nottinghamshire staff will be testing out the use of a smart home device to input and request information from PKB, whilst we undertake the necessary information governance requirements to enable us to test this with some patients.
  • Board approved our PFDS model that is central to our refreshed strategy which is currently being developed and will be shared with Board and our governance structure in the coming months.  After receiving input from our Patient Advisory Group, Healthwatch, the national Patient Information Forum and Good Things Foundation, an accompanying detailed implementation plan will be developed.



  • SFHFT are scoping Digital Letters – phase 2, appointments and pre-op questionnaires to reduce the need for outpatient appointments. 
  • NUH are progressing with their information governance pre-implementation requirements


Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust

  • NHCT are progressing their information governance pre-implementation requirements and are also completing their internal engagement to identify priority areas.


Primary Care

  • 4 GP practice exemplar sites have been identified.  These use cases will help us to support the change management requirements with other GP practices.
  • Integration with SystmOne/EMIS – We are the leading area on working with structured messaging using the new Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) messaging, something that all system suppliers need to move to as part of the new GP IT Futures contract. Using this technology it is now possible for the results of a Notts NHS App questionnaire (e.g. Asthma) to be sent to straight into workflow. This document will already be linked to the relevant patient eliminating the potential for error when transcribing between systems. This functionality is currently going through the necessary assurance and testing processes before it is made available to all practices from the end of February.
  • Lunch and Learn sessions have been arranged for users to learn about how they can benefit from the use of the Notts NHS App at their practices. These short sessions will focus on different topics each week and will take place on Wednesday afternoons in February and March.


Digital and Social Inclusion

  • Read our recent case study here showing how support from Get Nottinghamshire Connected helped this patient get to grips with using Zoom for the first time. The digital champions network will soon see an increase in its members as our first Community and Voluntary Sector Organisation are set to participate in their virtual training session on Wednesday 17th February
  • Work is progressing well to understand our populations digital health literacy, engagement has concluded with Breathe Easy Eastwood and focus groups to hear feedback from Carers and BAME communities have been set up.


Communication and Engagement

A collection of case studies are being created to promote the use of the Notts NHS App across our region;


  • Middleton Lodge Surgery in New Ollerton explains  here how they used the secure messaging functionality in the Notts NHS App to contact their patients about their flu jab . They discuss the advantages the App can bring to practice workload, but also the benefits this can bring to patients.


Dr Jeremy Lewis is an Acute Medicine Consultant at Nottingham University Hospitals, shared the positive benefits he experienced  here using the Notts NHS App as a patient for ordering his repeat prescription.


Patient Advisory Group

This month the group have been discussing security and ethics in relation to PFDS. Now that this group is more established and have an understanding about our programme of work, it will start to receive and comment on documents prior to them going to Board. This will ensure our programme of work takes account of Patient and Citizen requirements and feedback. 


How do I find out more?

If you would like to find out more about the PFDS or Digital Inclusion Project, please send your questions/queries to:



Continued feedback on the usefulness of these monthly key messages would be most helpful – please let us have your thoughts.

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