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Project Board Key Messages, March 2021

Posted: 10-03-2021

Each month our Notts NHS App – Personal Health and Care Record Programme Board meet to discuss progress of the project. After each board meeting key messages are provided to members and stakeholders. As the project progresses, the key messages will be released here too.


Key messages from the March Public Facing Digital Services (PFDS) Programme Board


Our Stats                                                                              

  • 71,184 have registered for the NHS App, completing the proven identity process. 
  • 86,905 (7.86%)of our citizens have downloaded the NHS App – this is wider than just downloading the app, it includes registration to basic level of identity and able to access limited services
  • We consistently have the highest % of patients registered for the NHS App in the Country.
  • 39,541 (3%) of our citizens have registered for a PKB record (as of 28/02/2021).
  • During February 2021, patients sent 582 messages via PKB to practices.
  • 1,907 digital appointment letters were read before print date in Feb 2021, meaning that this has saved SFHFT from posting 1,907 letters during February 2021.
  • 9,182 repeat prescriptions were ordered via the NHS App during February 2021.


The utilisation of the Notts NHS App has been signification, a staggering number of data points have been added to records, not just from clinical systems, but by the patients themselves through manual input and linked devices:


  • 3M measurements have been added, 166,516 were recorded during February
  • 67k symptoms have been entered and tracked, 7,001 were recorded during February
  • 21 allergies have been recorded in February
  • 185 pre-booked appointments have been added by patients to PKB in February
  • 121 medications have been added to PKB by patients in February
  • 86 diary entries have been input by patients into their PKB record
  • Since rollout over 350 care plans have been created, empowering patients to manage their health, care and wellbeing and take greater control



  • Register to attended the HSJ Awards 2020 Virtual Ceremony on 17th March 2021 – Connected Nottinghamshire’s Public Facing Digital Services Programme was shortlisted under the Digitising Patient Services Initiative for revolutionising healthcare on behalf of Patients and Professionals with the NHS App and Patients Know Best (PKB) integration. With the final stage of judging complete, we are now looking forward to celebrating the individuals, teams, and organisations who have worked tirelessly to drive better healthcare services. Reserve your place to watch live the winners and highly commended.
  • NHS Login Phase 3 developments are underway, meaning that anyone in Nottingham or Nottinghamshire with a NHS App account could claim a PKB record by the end of March/ early April, even if their GP Surgery hadn’t enabled the service.
  • There’s a need for continuous cycle of engagement and improvement given the change in landscape from when we first began the PFDS journey in 2018. We’re working with Healthwave and Healthwatch Nottinghamshire to undertake a review of the insights work initially conducted to review and assess whether our strategic approach is still valid.


Primary Care

  • 93 practices across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire ICS have been trained to implement PKB (with 73 practices completing the bulk uploads process), one further practice is booked in to receive training.
  • The PKB usage in Primary Care Task and Finish group provided a summary of its achievements over the last months, a copy of the report can be found attached.
  • Testing is currently taking place for the use of FHIR messages to send information from PKB into SystmOne and EMIS.


Secondary Care/ Acute

  • SFHFT are scoping Digital Letters – phase 2, appointments and pre-op questionnaires to reduce the need for outpatient appointments. 
  • A pilot project is starting at SFHFT for the use of PKB with the LMNS.
  • NUH are progressing with their information governance pre-implementation requirements, successful meetings had been held with Project managers to progress with the HL7 feed. Demographics data would be available followed by appointment information within the next 6 months.


Community Services

  • NHCT are progressing their information governance pre-implementation requirements and are also completing their internal engagement to identify priority areas.
  • The Pain Management Team at PICS are now using PKB to interact with patients through consultations and the library function.


Digital and Social Inclusion

  • On Thursday 15th April, 4pm – 5pm Get Notts Connected are holding a public zoom session to support citizens in learning how to download and register for the NHS App. Please feel free to circulate the attached resources amongst your patient and public channels.


Communication and Engagement

  • By Friday 12th March, organisations will be able to access a selection of promotional material via the Notts NHS App microsite – Communication Suite in order to communicate functionality and features across estates, websites, social media platforms, newsletters etc. Stakeholders are encouraged to utilise the resources and templates to promote the NHS App and Notts NHS App as widely as possible. Initially, the communications suite consists of script templates, posters and images. However, the team are working hard to enhance the recourse package with screensavers, animations etc. If you have any comments or suggestions on the communications suite, please contact


Patient Advisory Group

  • This Patient Advisory Group (PAG) had been reviewing the assurance framework at the latest meeting, the group shared their support for the document and were reassured by the detail within the framework.
  • On-going items the PAG will be reviewing include regular communications updates, the PFDS Roadmap and refreshed strategy for which they are key contributors.


How do I find out more?

If you would like to find out more about the PFDS or Digital Inclusion Project, please send your questions/queries to:



Continued feedback on the usefulness of these monthly key messages would be most helpful – please let us have your thoughts.

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