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Project Board Key Messages, October 2020

Posted: 14-10-2020

Each month our Notts NHS App – Personal Health and Care Record Programme Board meet to discuss progress of the project. After each board meeting key messages are provided to members and stakeholders. As the project progresses, the key messages will be released here too.


Key messages from the October Public Facing Digital Services (PFDS) Programme Board




  • 56,320 of our citizens have downloaded the NHS App (Sept 20)
  • 20,681 people registered for a PKB record (increasing by an average of 300 – 400 a week)
  • During Sept 20, patients sent 778 messages via PKB to practices.


Patients and staff can ask questions about the NHS App, PKB and get other support to help people to get online or access online services through our generic email


Our website for the Notts NHS App – Personal Health and Care Record continues to be populated with new material to support our population and healthcare professionals –




SFHFT will be sending electronic correspondence for outpatient appointments through PKB from this week.  As well as being more convenient for patients and the environmental benefits, the Trust will reduce its printing and postage costs significantly over time.


Primary Care


89 GP Practices are now live with PKB functionality and we are offering support to the remaining practices. In particular we want to promote how practices can help patients manage their long term conditions whilst also saving unnecessary appointments.



  1. Usage by practices needs to be increased significantly.  A Task & Finish Group is being established to look at engagement, communication, benefits, evaluation and revising the way we deliver training.  It will be chaired by Jonathan Cummins, Practice Manager at Middleton Lodge Surgery.


  1. Social Prescribers - Despite receiving training to use PKB to store patients support plans, so that they can be shared with other services involved in their care, this functionality is not being used.  Further training and change management  is being arranged to support these colleagues.


Care Homes


Medicspot  - enables GPs to provide remote access video consultations combined with a set of vital signs medical devices to inform a plan of care with individual care home residents.


Dr Harte (Aspley Medical Centre) is now regularly hosting his weekly care home round in Melbourne House Care Home using Medicspot (throughout Sept). He is seeing approximately 5-6 residents/patients remotely during each weekly ‘round’, plus ‘ad-hoc’ consultations with individual patients throughout the week as needed. Melbourne House/Dr Harte are interested in extending the reach of Medicspot to include MDT patient discussions.


At the request of Forest Medical Practice, a Clinical Pharmacist will be using Magnolia House Care Home Medicspot station to facilitate medication reviews (at the request of Forest Medical).


From next month we will be able to provide usage data and start to evaluate benefits.


PKB - Beechdale Care Home has received their PKB training  and will start using the system for secure messaging, remote monitoring and shared care plans when the practice has received their training.  They are going to pilot using the shared care plan functionality for RESTORE2 which is a physical deterioration and escalation tool for care/nursing homes based on nationally recognised methodologies including early recognition (Soft Signs), the national early warning score (NEWS2) and structured communications (SBARD).


Coming Up Soon:


  • Easy access to outpatient video consultations:
    • SFHFT use of PKB to schedule patients video consultation appointments
  • Better use of patient appointment time:
    • PICS – Pain management service


Digital and Social Inclusion


The project’s digital ready workforce package to support our employees across health, care and community organisations and settings is developing well. Having already rolled out Digital Customer Services skills to an initial cohort, we’re now focusing on digital skills and development amongst female employees. Future plans are in place to provide digital champion training to a number of staff cohorts.  


We’re excited to be working with the Patient Information Forum (PIF) on a research project to explore how PFDS can be used to support Patient Initiated Follow Up. Focusing on people experiencing health inequality; including those with lower health and digital literacy, those from BAME backgrounds and migrant groups and those with Respiratory conditions and whom are Carers. Our aim is to ensure accessible information is being given to population and they’re able to understand and take action upon information.


Get Nottinghamshire Connected’ dedicated support line and contact email is still available for patients to access if they need a hand with technology, registering for the NHS App or connecting with family, friends and support networks online: 0115 883 8873,


Communication and Engagement


To ensure all opportunities to communicate and engage with internal staff and members of the public are covered, we have begun to establish a Communications and Engagement Focus Group consisting of experts within partner organisations.


During October Nottingham Post will be releasing an article on behalf of Connected Nottinghamshire, focusing on the Notts NHS App and it’s clinical benefit to our health and care professionals. Click on the links below to read previous articles on how we’re rolling out pioneering healthcare tech exclusively across our region, and how our digital and social inclusion schemes are helping isolated people during Covid-19.


Patient Advisory Group


The first meeting of the Patient Advisory Group happened on the 18th September.  The group were introduced to each other and the purpose of the group was established.  The group will be a forum that enables Patient Representatives to contribute to the co-design of the project.  The group also proposed that there was always a member of the PAG group at each PFDS Project Board and the Project Board was very supportive of this idea.


How do I find out more?


If you would like to find out more about the PFDS or Digital Inclusion Project, please send your questions/queries to:



We have reformatted this month’s key messages based on feedback received. Continued feedback on the usefulness of these monthly key messages would be most helpful - please let us have your thoughts.

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