How to Register

Step 1: Download the NHS App

If you have an android device, download it from Google Play

If you have an Apple device, download it from the App Store

You can also access the NHS App through your internet browser here


Step 2: Create an NHS login

You only need to do this once. So if you already have an NHS login you can simply use that to login straight away. Please see the video below to help you to set up an NHS login.


Step 3: Sign up for Patients Know Best (PKB)

You can now sign up for the service provided by Patients Know Best by following the instructions in the images below.

Remember, it's the combination of PKB working through the NHS App that enables you to access all of the additional functionality of the Notts NHS App.



Open your NHS App and log in.  You will see your 'home' screen that will show your name written at the top as you can see in the first image.


There are two ways you can access Patients Know Best

1a - Click the 'view your messages' option on the drop down list.


1b - Click 'more' on the tool bar at the bottom of the screen and then click on 'messages' on the drop down list

Then when you get a message saying 'this is a connected service', click 'continue' and follow the instructions on the screen as shown above.



Step 4: You have completed the set up stages


To access all of the functionality of the Notts NHS App, you will now only need to open your NHS App (or access it on your internet browser) and log in once with your NHS login. The functionality provided by Patients Know Best will be seamlessly integrated into your App experience. The only difference is that the pages provided through PKB will have a yellow band at the top like the screen shown here.

You can now use the Notts NHS App to take control of your health and care needs!





Get Help with the App

If you are having any difficulties or have additional questions please check our FAQs section.

Or you can contact the Get Nottinghamshire Connected Digital Inclusion team using:


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